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this is Hourou Musuko, an anime/manga about a young trans girl and her friends, all figuring out their gender identity and sexual orientations

yo yo i just double-checked and it is a real thing and also available on crunchyroll for free!

It’s also on KissAnime for free which is a website I recommend 1000 times more since they provide HQ anime without having to pay anything, and they have a wider selection than Crunchyroll

I watched the first episode. I can’t vouch for the rest of it but the first episode made my heart swell a bit. A lot of it is about finding those people that you can make your guides and role models, and that’s not something I feel like we get to see a lot, we see the kids just left to forge through on their own in the big and scary.

Wavedash why did you do this to me.

The anime seems to grab just a slice of the full manga’s story (obviously) but despite Horou Musuko being one of my favorite manga of all time, I never did finish the anime.  I didn’t think it was all that interesting an adaptation, and it’s so good as a comic.

The Horou Musuko manga is not only good, it’s really important.  It follow a transgender girl and a transgender boy and it follows them encountering and stuggling with:

  • dysphoria
  • trans* objectification
  • the intersection of gender identity and sexuality
  • passing
  • puberty
  • what adult life will be like as a trans* person
  • experimenting with (“trying on”) gender signifiers
  • evolving identities
  • binary questioning
  • being a partner to a tans* person

All while mired in Japanese society and expectations.

Luckily for EVERYONE, Fantagraphics press is translating and publishing the comic is BEAUTIFUL hardbound volumes.

But if you don’t have the money, I know you can easily find scanlations online, which are translated all the way to the end (Fantagraphics is about half way.)

That comic about trans* youth you were always looking for?

Here it is.

Highly recommended. 

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to quote my twitter profile, “u know that meme abt brazilians telling celebrities to come to brazil? that’s me trying to get ppl to read shounen note.”

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What comes after “happy ever after”?

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february 28th, 1989 - january 28th, 2010

happy birthday you little fucker

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