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i really love RT/AH and mavin so that's probably what you will see most.

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I’m so done with the whole YouTube fandom omg this is so dumb, if you’re pissed off at someone just leave it and get on with your life, staying to make a big deal about it will only add fuel to the fire and just waste a lot of energy for everyone

What Sam pepper did was really gross but everyone…

We do need to talk about what happened (what Sam Pepper did is just one example, the sexual abuse accusations revealed back in March is another) because ignoring it makes others (within or outside the YT community) who have done similar things continue to believe that it’s okay to do those things - i.e sexually street harass men/women/people, manipulate fans, abuse fans etc. In a community that is built around creation, entertainment, education, communication etc etc, ignoring what happened, keeping quiet about these issues raised or not speaking up against something like this, means nothing will change and people will still get manipulated or worse, abused (wether it be emotionally/verbally/physically/sexually). To make it clear: ignoring, being neutral, not discussing the issues etc. automatically means those responsible for such acts are winning and I will not stand for that in a community that is very dear to me and other people.
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You are a wonderful person and I hope you have the best day possible! X

aw thank you! Right back at you, anon! :3

(whoever is reading this, the anon’s message is for u too, from me xx)